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Segunda pele – english

9791281348080 Rilegato 76 15,5x23 2023 Inglese

Il prezzo originale era: 16,00 €.Il prezzo attuale è: 15,20 €.


Segunda pele is a projectdeveloped by Zoè Gruni during her experience in Brazil, which cameabout from her need to exorcise the fear of what is different. Inthis research, the body becomes the catalyst capable of relating withothers, the main filter between the human being and the world. Aftergraduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, the artistmoved to California and then to Brazil where she lived for manyyears, devoting her research to the study of social contexts andlocal cultures. Starting from a reflection on contemporary society,she evokes stories of resistance linked to indigenous peoples and theAfrican culture brought by the slaves, while dealing with themes suchas religious syncretism, decolonization of thought, gender issues,LBGTQIA+ communities, minority struggles in the favelas and much morebesides. Back in Italy, the artist found herself writing thesememoirs in a reflection on the power and fragility of the humanbeing. She also wanted to put across this complexity by making aseries of drawings in which the people become fairy tale-likecharacters.